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Hypnosis can induce synesthesia

This is interesting because I have been working with Hypnotherapy for over 20 years now and during this time I have developed the ability to see some words in colours, very interesting because I can actually see what you are saying!

Lancashire / 11 Jun 2011

10 years ago. The 52-year-old mother-of-three said: "I'm shocked, surprised and pleased." Currently researching whether hypnosis can help women…


another interesting item from the BBC  a man is talking about how Hypnotherapy helped him when he had cancer, I have worked with several cancer suffering clients and it really can help make life more comfortable.


I have just worked with an amazing young man who has Fibromyalgia and what a wonderful experience it was for me! he really was very determined to not let his life be over come by pain... he went from a wheel chair to a motorbike from not being able to walk to jogging.... Hypnotherapy is a powerful healing technique. if you have a few moments read his testimonial.

I have just finished 2 weekend course teaching Basic Hypnotherapy training along side colleagues From the Academy of Curative Hypnotherapists to a group of midwives from Blackburn and Lancaster. I am so pleased that finally the NHS are acknowledging the benefits of Hypnotherapy helping in the birthing experience

Interesting article.

Depression in Pregnancy is becoming more recognised. I am part of a team teaching midwives to help expectant mothers how to be more relaxed during this amazing time in their lives. I have seen many anxious pregnant women they are always a pleasure to work with.

New year New You? why start by finding out how old your heart is... and ask yourself is stress affecting my health?

A funny about procrastination ... need help with Motivation?

Fears and Myths about Hypnosis

Is Hypnosis a Distinct Form of Consciousness?

Over coming nerves on you driving test can be easily achieved with the help of Hypnotherapy call me and let me help you pass.

Helping IBS with hypnotherapy

Interesting spider article!

Hypnotherapy really does help with hot flushes and I can help you.

I have been working with Young people who have Anxiety at the Local grammar school, with some good results, interesting work...

More spider help! (beware pictures)

Hypnotherapy and spiders (beware pictures)

Hypnotherapy helps irritable bowel syndrome

Hypnotherapy and Cancer pain

Hypnotherapy helping with Non Cardiac Chest Pain

Relax and live longer with the help of Hypnotherapy

old but still interesting